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This photo of The Ozark Queen steamboat was taken in about 1903. The steamboat landing was located at the mouth of Calico Creek at the White River. This area is now part of the Riverside Park near the Calico Trout Dock under the bridge.

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Calico Rock, c. 1901. Notice the Bluff City Bank Building construct in 1897 is in the left corner of the image. This is the oldest structure still standing today. Notice also the Calico Rock Progress Building (now the Printing Press Cafe) with the arched windows on the left side of the image and the People's Bank Building next door. On the right side, notice the lower Main Street buildings constructed of wood. They would burn to the ground in 1914 after a spark from a passing locomotive. At this point, the railroad had not been built. After the fire, the lower Main Street buildings were rebuilt of stone and brick like the ones on upper Main Street. A few years after this photo was taken, a wall was built down the middle of the street to prevent erosion and it was called Wall Street. Later, the wall was removed and the street was renamed Main Street.

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