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Jeffery Cabin & Homestead

Museum Exhibits

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Tomlinson Art Gallery

What a lot of time, talent and hard work went into creating this well-done museum.  The museum was a nice feature with some of the exhibits.

     - Alice McPhail

Calico Rock Depot & Caboose

The Birth of  the Ozarks

Windgate Masterpiece Gallery

​Tomlinson Art Center

Calico. By Adrian Columbe at the Tomlinson Art Gallery

The displays of this museum are similar to what you might expect to find in a big city.  Excellent job!

      - Visitor from New York

Calico Rock General Store

We enjoyed incorporating the modern photos as backdrops for the artifacts.   This was very well done.

     - Visitor from Chicago

We loved our visit here.  The Ozarks have so much fascinating history, but there are very few places to learn about it, making this place such a gem.  The exhibits were engaging and the overall experience was so interesting.  The staff is friendly and informational and aided such a great experience.