Tomlinson Art Gallery

Calico Rock General Store

The displays of this museum are similar to what you might expect to find in a big city.  Excellent job!

      - Visitor from New York

Jeffery Cabin & Homestead

Windgate Masterpiece Gallery

​Tomlinson Art Center

We loved our visit here.  The Ozarks have so much fascinating history, but there are very few places to learn about it, making this place such a gem.  The exhibits were engaging and the overall experience was so interesting.  The staff is friendly and informational and aided such a great experience.

Calico. By Adrian Columbe at the Tomlinson Art Gallery

The Birth of  the Ozarks

Museum Exhibits

We enjoyed incorporating the modern photos as backdrops for the artifacts.   This was very well done.

     - Visitor from Chicago

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Calico Rock Depot & Caboose

What a lot of time, talent and hard work went into creating this well-done museum.  The museum was a nice feature with some of the exhibits.

     - Alice McPhail