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Have you been curious about the strange basket like things in Rand Park? Bring the family out to experience the excitement of Disc Golf. We will have Candie Luster and her crew showing us how to play.

$35 Per Team

Players Pack is 4 discs per team (player pack discs will be available at the clinics so you can get used to throwing them)

July 22nd-25th: Clinics teaching you how to play preparing you for Saturday:

Monday July 22nd 6pm: Backhand Clinic
Tuesday July 23rd 6pm: Forehand Clinic
Thursday July 24th:6pm: Putting Clinic
Friday July 25th 6pm: Practice Round
7pm: Meals will be available at the park for purchase, Silent Auction, and auction off for coaches

Calico Rock was recently featured on "American Countryside," a segment on the U.S. Farm Report on RFDTV.  Watch