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Rocket Into Science

Saturday, April 29th



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Community Events

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2023 Museum Events

April 29       Rocket Into Science

May 6           Meet the Artist

May 18         The Nook Learning Series

June 3           Meet the Artist

​June 15         The Nook Learning Series

July 1            Meet the Artist

July 3            Lions' Club Fireworks

August 5       Meet the Artist

August 17     The Nook Learning Series

Sept 2            Meet the Artist

Sept 8-9         Calico Rendezvous

Sept 21          The Nook Learning Series

Oct 7             Meet the Artist

Oct 19           The Nook Learning Series

Nov 4            Meet the Artist

Nov 10-11     Mistletoe & Holly

Dec 2             Meet the Artist

Dec 9            Living Windows

                           Rustic Cabin Christmas

                      Lighted Christmas Parade

​                           Whimsical Christmas Wonderland