The Ozark Queen was the last steamboat to dock at Calico Landing in 1903 just before the opening of the railroad.  This scale model of the Queen helps us share the story of our past.  It was constructed by Trustee Emeritus Ed Matthews in memory of Captain Robert C. Matthews.

Featured Artifact: Historic Photo of Wiseman's Modern Cabins

Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

These are just a few of the historical artifacts in our collection:

The Calico Rocket, c. 1903

No Smoking Sign, Calico Rock Depot, c. 1910

Native American Grinding Stone, c. 1820

Telegraph Machine, Calico Rock Depot, c. 1910

Cherokee Alphabet Tablet, c. 1810

Calico Rock Telephone Exchange Headset, c. 1950

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From the collection of the Estate of Ruby Wray, courtesy of her granddaughter Jessica Teague.

The Ozark Queen

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