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Last Updated:7/6/2020

The New Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

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The classroom is provided in memory of F. Stowe Easton.  This space is the largest learning space we have ever had and will be perfect for all of our educational programs once we are able to begin them after the pandemic.  We used the classroom last week for staff training and it's a great space!

We've begun moving some artifacts over into the new building and putting together our first exhibits.  Special thanks to Freda Hardison and Jill Easton for their hard work!

We need your help to expand the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center, giving future generations a facility that will share our story and preserve our heritage.

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Freda Hardison provided for the construction of our Native American exhibit.  It is built of river cane that was collected by Bob Carlson for us.  The historic lumber came from homesteads throughout the area dating to the mid-1800's.

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