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The earliest "boats" in our area were flatboats that really were no more than logs tied together and floated down river.  Eventually, traders began fashioning keelboats that had a hull that could carry goods up and down river, but were flatter so they could navigate the sometimes shallow shoals.  Calico Rock began a natural trading location because keelboats, and later steamboats, could travel to Calico Rock year-round without fear of grounding out on the shoals in dry spells.  Calico Landing was hopping.  For decades, farmers brought their cotton to the cotton gin in East Calico and then stacked those bales along the river waiting for the steamboats or keelboats to carry them down to points south.


We need your help to expand the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center, giving future generations a facility that will share our story and preserve our heritage.

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Last Updated:7/28/2020

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Expanding Our Reach

Progress Photos:

The New Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

Jake McKenzie did a great job building this replica of an 1800's keelboat.  Gloria Sanders and John David Mitchell themed the exhibit with the authentic dried tobacco, antlers, and wares that are period.  There's still a little finishing work to do, but otherwise this exhibit is ready for the public when we reopen.

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