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The deck of the Ozark Queen steamboat is now complete with artifacts and a model of the steamboat built by Trustee Emeritus Rev. Ed Matthews as a gift by the R.C. Matthews family.

The farm complete with wagon, garden, smokehouse and outhouse are nearing completion.  We have a few more details to add, but we're getting closer.

The dining room still has a little work before the Ozark Queen is ready to set sail, but it's getting closer.

On the other side of the promenade deck guests can look off the bow of the ship at the White River and peer into the 1880's farm they are about to enter.

We wouldn't be here without your support.  We want to extend our appreciation to the following major partners:

One of the three sections of the history museum on the Peppersauce level is now nearing completion.  This is an exhibit on steamboats and how they work.

         The Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center is scheduled to open the new Calico Rock Heritage Center exhibits this spring.​

        In addition to the heritage center, we are finishing our archival space and outdoor classroom.

        We are happy to share photos of our continued progress.

        In order to keep our progress continuing, we hope you will consider a tax-deductible gift toward our building project.

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Finally, in this section, guests will enter the 1880's log cabin.  Trustee Freda Hardison handcrafted the feather mattress on the wall.  Families slept on the floor and stored their bed on the wall during the day to save room.  Claire Cresto has done a marvelous job creating this exhibit.

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We've made steady progress on the new history exhibits.  This is a peak inside the General Store at the turn of the century.

The front porch of the 1880's log cabin shares the important story of why front porches mean so much to our culture.  Notice the dulcimer?  Our mother of the house will be playing that beautiful instrument for guests as they arrive to her farm.