Calico Rock Ice & Electric Plant

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St. Louis & Iron Mtn Railway Caboose

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The detail work has been completed on the Train Depot including the roof and soffit and the window overhang.  These little details make all the difference in the exhibit coming to life.

This is a view inside the caboose.  Jake McKenzie and Jesse May have really put their carpentry skills to the test on this exhibit.  It is an exact replica of a caboose from the curved top roof, raised lookout, small port windows, and back deck.  We can't wait for you to see the detail in these exhibits.

Calico Rock Train Depot

Construction is continuing on the Calico Rock Ice & Electric Plant exhibit space.  This exhibit will showcase the many different factories that operated in town over the many decades.  Did you know we had a pencil factory?  The window in this display is original to the Garner Brothers Mercantile, built in 1928.


The New Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

We need your help!  We are running short on funds and need a few dollars to help us finish out these exhibits.  Can you spare a few dollars?

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