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The sign was installed on the front of the building, as well as the awning over the new front entrance and the awnings over the windows of the art and science building.  They look very nice.  The new front door should be installed this week which will give us a very inviting front entrance to the museum.  Entry to the art, science, heritage, and visitor center will all be through this door.

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Last Updated:1/28/2020

The Future Home of the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

Expanding Our Reach

Gallery of Construction Photos

Expansion Timeline

New Visitor, Art & Science Centers Open

March 2020

The Marketplace Opens March 2020

Heritage Center Main Street Level Opens

Rodeo Weekend

June 2020

Heritage Center Peppersauce Level Opens Native American Weekend

September 2020

The Windgate Foundation has awarded us a $50,000 matching grant.  To receive the money, we have to raise $50,000.  Thanks to this gift, your donations are being doubled!

About the Expansion

The Calico Rock Community Foundation is purchasing two historic properties on lower Main Street that are connected to the Tomlinson Art & Science Center.  Our vision is to unite these historic properties into one center that combines our history, art, science, visitor center, and Artisan Gift Shop under one roof. 

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Current Photos:

This is a view of the landing for the ramp.  The ramp will be a "switchback" where guests will come down from the main level to this landing and then turn back down a second ramp to the Peppersauce level and into the adjoining building.

Your Donation Is Being Doubled!

The crew from Village Carpet Shop is installing the base for the flooring.  This is a view of the visitor center and artisan gift shop.  The ramp at left leads into the heritage center and the double doors in the back of the photo lead into the boardroom.

You can also send a check to:

Calico Rock Community Foundation

104 Main Street

Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519

Construction is progressing on the ramp framework for the ramp that will lead from the Main Street level to the Peppersauce level in the heritage center.  This view (and the one below) are taken in the basement of the Wagon Wheel Building.  The entry at left in the top photo leads into the basement of the Cheney's building (blue).

Denver is building an Ozarks creek scene in the science center to showcase the aspects of biology and climate in our area.  Just as we doubled the gallery space in the art center, we are upgrading, expanding and improving the science exhibits during the renovation.