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Tour the Construction Site at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 14th.

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Every renovation project involves tearing down (demo day on tv) and building back.  This week, we took our first steps to build back.  This is the newly completed and "ready to move-in" archives.  It's three times larger than our current archives space and has dedicated storage for some of our delicate artifacts.  

About the Expansion

The Calico Rock Community Foundation is purchasing two historic properties on lower Main Street that are connected to the Tomlinson Art & Science Center.  Our vision is to unite these historic properties into one center that combines our history, art, science, visitor center, and Artisan Gift Shop under one roof. 

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The walls are in place for the new galleries in the art center and ready for drywall.  This expansion will double the size of our art galleries and provide space for artist demonstrations.

The Windgate Foundation has awarded us a $50,000 matching grant.  To receive the money, we have to raise $50,000.  Thanks to this gift, your donations are being doubled!

Your Donation Is Being Doubled!

Thanks to your generosity, we are halfway to the goal of raising $50,000 for the Windgate Foundation match!  Let's keep Calico Rock growing!

Halfway There!

The Future Home of the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

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Expanding Our Reach

Thank you for helping us grow again!

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Last Updated:12/12/2019


The roof repairs are now complete.  The foam insulation is installed (above).  And, the framing around the art center entry has begun.

Up Next: Installing new windows and front door at the visitor center, relocating the memorial bricks, packing up the history museum, cutting the entries between the visitor center and heritage center, and drywall.

The entry between the science center and heritage center has been completed and is trimmed out.  It's a beautiful entryway that provides accessibility to all our guests.