We envision the current heritage center to be re-imagined as The Marketplace.  This space will be an incubator for small business.  Anyone that's ever dreamed over opening their own retail store, but never had the money to buy or rent a building or hire a staff or quit their job, can finally make their dreams come true.  Our concept is similar to our highly successful Artisan Gift Shop.  The only investment for your new idea will be the merchandise you intend to sell.  We'll handle the rest and pay you on consignment every month for the merchandise that sold.  There's no rental fees, no employment costs, just a modest consignment percentage. 

Have an idea for The Marketplace?  Give us a call.  870-297-6100

A new vision for the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

Bluff City Expo Center

The Calico Rock Community Foundation is purchasing two historic properties on lower Main Street that are connected to the Tomlinson Art & Science Center.  Our vision is to unite these historic properties into one center that combines our history, art, science, visitor center, and Artisan Gift Shop under one roof. 


Expanding Our Reach

The oldest structure in Calico Rock began its life in 1896 as the Bluff City Bank.  Over the years, it's served our community as the U.S. Post Office, City Hall and Visitor Center.  We envision this building becoming the hub of events and special activities for our community.  The Bluff City Expo Center will provide the space our museum has lacked to host traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution, host artists in residence, welcome small conventions or meetings, host weddings and birthday parties, and so much more!

Do you have an idea for the Bluff City Expo Center?  Give us a call.‚Äč