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We have much more to come in Phase 3!  We opened half of our expansion on March 2, 2020 with the new visitor center, artisan gift shop, foundation offices, art center, learning center and science center.  In Phase 3, we will open our heritage center.  This is a view of the plans for this part of the expansion.  It's not completely finished, yet, and will include a lot more exhibits.  We can't do it without you.  Help us grow!

In this photo, you can see the Native American exhibit at the entrance to the history museum in the upper left hand corner.  The area to the right has been set aside for the Trail of Tears exhibit.  The door in the lower right hand corner leads to the classroom.  The ramp on the left side leads down to the Peppersauce level where guests will board the steamboat Ozark Queen for a voyage back in time.

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More to Come in Phase 3

Construction is now completed on Phase 2 which is scheduled to open on Rodeo Weekend in June.  We've started work on installing the exhibits, including this mural that will be the backdrop for our keelboat exhibit.

Construction on the classroom is completed.  We've started adding the finishing touches.  The classroom is presented in memory of F. Stowe Easton.

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Last Updated:3/15/2020

We need your help to expand the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center, giving future generations a facility that will share our story and preserve our heritage.

The New Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

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