Our Birth of the Ozarks Gallery includes exhibits on Native Americans, Early Explorers and Trappers, and the Keelboat.  This leads into exhibits on the Trail of Tears and Gristmills and concludes with a walk onto Calico Landing and into the steamboat Ozark Queen.

Our science center and the Crime Lab Detective exhibits offer an opportunity for exploration.  

The earliest boats on the river weren't boats at all, but log rafts strapped together with leather or rope.  They floated down river to a port and the logs were sold along with the furs the trappers had collected.  Keelboats began plying the river in the early 1800's.  They could travel up river and down river with a little elbow grease. Our keelboat was built by Jake McKenzie.

Museum Exhibits

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Transcript of Willie Garner's Diary

A History of Calico Rock As I Knew It

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