Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center

Windgate Studio

The Art Studio and Science Lab has been created to spark innovation and exploration in honor of the

Windgate Foundation.

Students gather in the Murphy Gallery at the Heritage & Visitor Center for a program on Native American cultures.

Easton Education Center

The historic Coal House, c. 1905, has been restored to house our educational programs with a generous gift in memory of

F. Stowe Easton.

Teacher Resource Guide (Download)

This guide walks teachers, parents, and educators through all of our exhibits.  It shares broad ideas about the exhibits and shares questions and ideas to help students gain the most from their experience.

Educational Program Menu (Download)

This menu provides a listing of the various educational programs that we currently offer to teachers, school groups, home school groups, Boy or Girl Scouts, and many more.  And, they are always absolutely free.

Don't see something your interested in or that fits into your curriculum?  Call us and let us design a special program for your class or group. 


The Windgate Studio in the Tomlinson Art & Science Center is the perfect location for programs on science and art.

Educational Programs

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