In 2005, Calico Rock was falling into the pages of history.  Many of the buildings on historic Main Street were empty and crumbling.  A group of concerned individuals met at, what was then, Don Quixote's restaurant in an upstairs conference room to see what could be done.  Over the course of many months, several ideas were surfaced, including starting a museum. 

     Many advised that a museum would do little, if anything, to change the situation.  They just couldn't see how a museum would ever do anything to revitalize the economy or create jobs, even if it did attract tourists.

     Some believed that a museum could spark a change while others believed things were so bleak that we had to do something.  No matter the motivation, a group of dedicated individuals made the fateful decision to start a museum.

     Twelve years after that first meeting, everything is coming full-circle.  Many of the same individuals that began gathering in that upstairs conference room continue to be board members, staff, and volunteers of the museum. 

     The former restaurant building where that first gathering occurred is becoming the Art & Science Center and the upstairs room where they met is becoming the museum's boardroom.

     Since the museum began, new businesses have opened and many new businesses are on the horizon.  Tourists and local have returned to Main Street.  The economy has turned a corner.  Jobs have been created.  Calico Rock is living proof of the power of the creative economy.

     Our history has been preserved.  A love for the arts is being fostered.  An interest for science is being ignited.  The impact of the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center is clear. 

     It turns out...a group of dedicated people who are willing to work hard, care about their town, and aren't worried about who gets the credit CAN make a difference.

     To become a part of our team, contact us today:

Calico Rock Museum

104 Main Street

Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519


The Tomlinson Art & Science Center has come a long way in just eight months of construction.  All of our construction projects will wrap up early next week and we will begin the process of moving into the building and adding all of the features that will finish the project in style.

Since we began the project, we have rebuilt both staircases, renovated the Loft, added heat and air improvements, upgraded all of the electrical and plumbing systems, added new ceilings, built galleries, finished walls, painted every surface, and added new railings.  It's been a major undertaking and, thanks to your support and the generous gifts of donors, we have completed this project debt-free!

This will be your last sneak peak into the building before we officially open our doors.  On August 15, black plastic will cover the windows and all of the details will be completed inside. 

We will officially be opening our doors on Thursday, October 5.  Our grand opening and dedication will be scheduled at a later date. 

Thank you for all of your interest and support!

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