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​​The Calico Rock Museum System is comprised of the Heritage & Visitor Center and the Tomlinson Art & Science Center.

The Heritage & Visitor Center is housed in the historic E.N. Rand Building, c. 1903; Bluff City Bank Building, c. 1896 and Coal House, c. 1905.  The Center contains our history museum that spans pre-history to 1967.  We contract with the City of Calico Rock to provide Visitor Center services for the community.  The Center also contains the Artisan Gift Shop.

The Tom Tomlinson Art & Science Center is housed in the historic Floyd's Grocery Building, c. 1926.  The Center houses an impressive collection of local and regional art as well as works by famous American artists.  The science center has exhibits on Dinosaurs, Ozark Caves, and Crime Lab Detective.  The Center also contains the Brushstrokes gift shop.

Plan Your Visit

The Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center welcomes you to Calico Rock and our surrounding area.  Let us help your plan your visit to Calico Rock or the surrounding area.  We can help you find lodging, restaurants, and contact information for every business licensed to operate in Calico Rock.

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Our Museum System

Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center


An endowment gift was given in memory of F. Stowe Easton to honor his memory and provide for the long-term security of the Calico Rock Museum.  To learn how you can contribute to our endowment fund, contact us at 870-297-6100.

Reports to the City Council

We can make sure that our impact lives beyond our time by leaving a legacy: buy a commemorative brick; buy a memorial leaf; or remember us in your willWe can accept stocks, bonds, other securities; land or property; cash; or other tangible property.  All gifts are 100% tax deductible.

To learn more, call 870-297-6100.


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